Laravel 4 Documentation - the E-book

By Faramarz Salehpour
Laravel 4 Documentation e-book cover
Laravel 4 Documentation e-book

Short version: You can download Laravel 4 Documentation in E-book format from As usual PDF, EPub and MOBI versions are available.

Now the juicy stuff. I recently developed an obsession for Laravel 4. I was looking for an e-book version of the framework's documentation. I found one, but realised that the tables and source codes are not showing properly in it. So, decided to do it once again, it took me some time to make sure everything is looking all right in the e-book version and now it's available for download from leanpub.

An important reminder: I haven't written the documentation, I just have made an e-book from it. All the credit for the content goes to the guys at